We lead the way to BIG performance.

Brand Influence Group – or BIG – is a leading experiential and field marketing company. We specialise in brand representation, field sourced sales, visual merchandising, planogramming and mystery shopping. We are BIG on working with the very best people in the business and delivering a highly consultative service and great results.

We’re BIG on people.

Our talented team is comprised of over 1500 hardworking employees across Australia and New Zealand. Our people are motivated, knowledgeable, passionate and driven – and it’s reflected in the results they achieve for our customers.

We’re BIG on service.

We’re BIG on collaborating with our customers to help them achieve the best results possible. We work with them closely, so we have a solid understanding of their business and its needs. This enables us to provide the highest level of consultation and advice.

Our talented management team work side-by-side with our customers to ensure projects are delivered seamlessly. Our service methodology is coloured by intimate care, attention, aforethought, ownership and leadership.

We're BIG on technology.

We pride ourselves on using the most sophisticated technology to run our business. BIG technology extends a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software. BIG data and analytics are the engine that powers our cognitive business.

We’re BIG on solutions.

BIG are transforming how our customers go to market. Our solutions enable your business to translate data into performance-driving activities. We ask and answer the most challenging business questions to unravel problems and design performance patterns.