A BIG Team.
A bunch of purposeful and positive individuals.

At BIG, our people are the heart of our business. We attract BIG personalities bursting with talent and the appetite to make a BIG difference every day of the week. We nurture a culture of learning and friendship and it is reflected in our people and the relationships they build with our customers and each other.

Stew Bailey
Josh Davis
Janice Browne
Joanne Nikakis
Field Operations Manager
Joshua Brett
National Business Manager
Hannah Jongebloed
National Account Manager
Mitchell Johnson
National Account Manager
Tahnee Nourse
National Account Manager
Daniella Mendicino
National Account Manager
Luisa Gidaro
Business Solutions Manager
Zubair Rathor
Performance Analyst
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We’re made of real-world, super-human magic. Here’s some of the attributes we look for in a BIG employee.
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