Our Account Managers are clever, intuitive sorts who will work hard to bring your business BIG results. From day one, they’ll collaborate with you to understand how to best support brands in stores. This involves asking a bunch of carefully considered questions, scenario setting and consideration to create a unique scope of work designed to deliver the best value, sales and success possible.


Now we take all those detailed notes, gather the best BIG brains in the business, and develop a tailored game plan. This covers all of the essentials: from forecasts, resources, rosters and a data framework, through to mitigating risks, identifying opportunities, testing possibilities, and pre-empting training needs. The outcome is an innovative, go-to-market strategy designed for maximum impact.


Next we initiate the schooling and coaching stage in order to carefully prepare and empower our employees. We recreate the strategy and game plan into succinct and on-point training briefs and videos. These inform, educate and inspire our hardworking team about your brands and projects, so they not only deliver them to brief, but above and beyond your expectations.


Armed with all the knowledge they need, our BIG team head into stores and work their magic. Their powerful in-store relationships enable them to leverage new opportunities and maximize results. They work fast, hard and effectively, surpassing productivity standards.


Measurement and assessment of any activation is completed on a monstrous scale. We evaluate and analyse qualitative and quantitative data as soon as activation commences, letting you know what you need to in real time. After activation has wrapped, we tuck in and undertake some serious analysis to deliver definitive and provocative insights.


From small but important fine-tuning to bold changes, we know that innovating and evolving are essential to achieving not just BIG, but better results, each and every time. Once activation is complete, we lean in and out to get a dynamic perspective on performance and 360 degree feedback, all in the pursuit of perfection.

See what BIG can do to build your brand.