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Case Studies


Apple Logo"By engaging BIG to activate our BIGgest brochure promotion in WW and Coles, we achieved our BIGgest sales results ever on Ocean Spray. We relied on the activation experts to drive sales through stock-weight and they exceeded our expectations."Ocean Spray Apple Logo"BIG take the time to understand your people, your product and what the future could entail. They then create concepts and develop solutions that drive sales."Ritchies Apple Logo"It’s innovative ideas in action that are the most rewarding. Influence is critical. The BIG team will play an imperative role in guiding us to deliver new heights of service and value in store."General Mills Apple Logo"Google and BIG are working on innovation together by utilising one another’s area of expertise. BIG are leading the thinking when it comes to innovation in the retail space."Google



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Weekend Warrior

Are you full of ambition, but lacking in Mon-Fri time? Become a Weekend Warrior and play an instrumental role 10-15 hours per weekend in achieving critical marketing objectives on behalf of our clients during key trading periods. Click here to apply.

BIG Account Manager

Your ability to lead the way to BIG results is almost six-sense like. A high attention to detail, and previous FMCG experience make you a force to be reckoned with! Your ability to promote a brand in a brilliant way demonstrates that you are a genius brand ambassador. Click here to apply.

Merchandising Mogul

Magnates and moguls need only apply. Utilise your creative spirit and flair to build displays of influence and impact at the point of purchase. Click here to apply.

NSW BIG Team Leader

Put your experience in FMCG and team management to the test as BIG's NSW Team Leader. Excellent communication skills and a very high attention to detail will ensure your success. Click here to apply.

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Stewart Bailey - Brand Influence Group

Stewart Bailey

BIG Kahuna

Haala Spiranovic - Brand Influence Group

Haala Spiranovic

'H' Bomb

Josh Davis - Brand Influence Group

Josh Davis

Call Me!

Stephanie Adams - Brand Influence Group

Stephanie Adams

Community Queen

Ashlee Meredith - Brand Influence Group

Ashlee Meredith

The Go Getter

Jasmin Weisser - Brand Influence Group

Jasmin Weisser

Karaoke Queen

David Law - Brand Influence Group

David Law

Tropical Tycoon

Rose McManus - Brand Influence Group

Rose McManus

Bubbly Babe

Margaret Semrani - Brand Influence Group

Margaret Semrani

Little Dynamo

Shane Davidson - Brand Influence Group

Shane Davidson

King of the South

Wendy Richardson - Brand Influence Group

Wendy Richardson

Trendy Wendy

Trish Tait - Brand Influence Group

Trish Tait

Spontaneous Siren

Jay Jones- Brand Influence Group

Jay Jones

All the Way

Kyal Scrase- Brand Influence Group

Kyal Scrase

The Seeker

Liz Palmer- Brand Influence Group

Liz Palmer

The Renovator

Lisa Dyson- Brand Influence Group

Lisa Dyson

Endangered Species

Tom Paton- Brand Influence Group

Tom Paton

Little Rooster

Luisa Gidaro- Brand Influence Group

Luisa Gidaro


Tahnee Nourse- Brand Influence Group

Tahnee Nourse


Lionel Pengilley- Brand Influence Group

Lionel Pengilley


Ben Vidaic- Brand Influence Group

Ben Vidaic

Benny Boy

Isabella Dabaja- Brand Influence Group

Isabella Dabaja

BIG Ideas Bella

Charbel Chehade- Brand Influence Group

Charbel Chehade


Diana Chekoeva- Brand Influence Group

Diana Chekoeva

Sun Seeker

Charlie Reed- Brand Influence Group

Charlie Reed


Niki Gasset- Brand Influence Group

Niki Gasset



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